Accessories available at DEL / Caytec Equipment Ltd.

Caytec Equipment provides a number of accessories aimed at enhancing you're business.  We can currently assist in these areas:

Air Compressors

Underhood air compressors eliminate the need for tow behind or portable air compressor units. Installed under the hood of your vehicle these powerful efficient units can produce up to 70 cfm and 175 psi.

Designed for small to medium duty trucks, allowing your vehicle to access areas that a conventional tow behind unit can't. Access your air supply at any time with a sleek efficient underhood air compressor!

UNDERHOOD VR70 air power compressor system with a certified awesome 70 cfm and 175 psi output.

This compact and high output UNDERHOOD triples the output performances of the large reciprocating underhood air compressors and at least four times the output of those bulky gas drive air compressors. 
The profile used by BOSS Industries is the latest generation of asymmetric type 5/6 lobes.

This profile offers performance superior to that of the majority of conventional screw compressors manufactured today. It also provides an optimum degree of generated volume while assuring the best efficiency.
Vanair Air Compressors specializes in both above and below deck models of air compressors. Contact a DEL / Caytec sales representative to find out about the complete line of Vanair Compressors.


  Decks and Hoists
Demand Nordic Power for rugged lift performance.  Both powerful and lightweight, the design has a high power to weight ratio compared to other hoists.

Designed from large diameter pivot shafts to reduce friction, structural tubes to provide torsional strength, large ductile pivot tee castings to readily handle the cylinder forces, and high tensile plate which makes the hoist extremely strong, but lightweight.


Detailed Nordic Hoist Specifications

In our 25 year existence Caytec has built a great variety of decks, from regular cargo applications to dump decks with underbody hoists and hotshot decks. We have an in-house CAD system that allows us to present you with a drawing of the deck you require. Calgary 1-800-387-8000 or Edmonton 1-800-500-8275.  Click on any image below to see the "Caytec Deck Gallery".

Fuel Tank Systems
Transfer Flow manufactures O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufactured) fuel tanks, hydraulic tanks, and generator tanks for several top-of-the-line motorhome, van and trailer manufacturers in the United States and Canada.

Our engineering department designs, tests, and evaluates Transfer Flow's products. Each engineer has a degree in Mechanical or Computer Engineering.


  Headache Racks
 Caytec will custom build your headache rack to your specifications in either steel or aluminum. We also build a headache rack with storage compartments which is CERTIFIED for use in British Columbia - it complies with DOT 393.106 paragraph D.

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Calgary 1-800-387-8000 or Edmonton 1-800-500-8275

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DEL / Caytec Equipment Ltd. carries a wide range of high performance lighting systems. Product manufactures include HELLA, HAMSAR, YAD, STAR, OPTRONICS, NORTH AMERICAN SIGNAL and PSE /Code 3.

Whether your requirements are Highway Light Stix, Auxiliary Lighting, Light Beacons or LED Marker lights DEL / Caytec Equipment has the right lighting solution for you.

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Calgary 1-800-387-8000 or Edmonton 1-800-500-8275
Caytec now carries GoLight click here! 


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  Remote Controls
 Specifically designed for cranes and construction equipment, radio remote controls increase the efficiency and maneuverability of your machine.

Remotes provide the operator with security from hazards associated with electrical power lines or falling bodies.
  • Truck mounted cranes
  • Concrete pumps
  • Construction equipment

  Reid Revolt Systems
With Transistorized voltage control delivers up to 600 amperes @ 12 Volts at the end of 35 feet of boosting cables.

Instant power at the push of a button.

1 mode operation, 14 volts automatic



 SP 74
Delivers up to 300 amperes in 12 Volt mode at the end of 35 feet of boosting cables.                       

Instant power at the push of a button.

 2 mode operation, 12 & 24 volts direct



With Transistorized voltage control delivers up to 600 amperes @ 12 Volts at the end of 35 feet of
boosting cables.

Instant power at the push of a button.
3 mode operation, 12 volts direct, 14 volts automatic
and 12 & 24 Volts direct



Delivers up to 600 amperes in 12 Volt mode at the end of 35 feet of                                    
boosting cables.

Instant power at the push of a button.
2 mode operation,
12 & 24 Volts direct
with two 35 foot cables



With Transistorized voltage control delivers up to 1200 amperes @ 12 Volts at the end of 35 feet of
boosting cables.
2 mode operation, 12 volts automatic

with two 35 foot cables


RV Accessories

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 Hidden Hitch® has been manufacturing a full line of quality hitches and towing accessories since 1968. Six strategically placed warehouses across North America, enables Hidden Hitch to provide just-in-time delivery of its' towing products.

The company prides itself as a first-to-the-market manufacturer of hitches for new vehicles.

  Waltco Liftgates
 Waltco Lift manufactures a wide range of liftgates for many different style vehicles with capacities ranging from 650 to 8000 lbs. Waltco Liftgates has been designing and building liftgates for over 40 years.

Waltco liftgates range from light duty Pickup Truck liftgates to the Heavy -Duty HD Series with lifting capacities up to 8,000 lbs.
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  Tool Boxes
In conjunction with decks, or for installation on highway trucks and tractors, we manufacture any size of toolbox in either steel or aluminum. We stock the crossover aluminum toolbox for your pick-up box, either full lid or split lid.
Undermount or on-deck toolboxes can be made with swing or drop-down doors and have stainless steel hinges and locks.


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