Sno-Way - 28V Snow Plow



The Snow-Way 28V snow plow is constructed for the commercial plower, business owner, municipality or large institution with HD 1/2 Ton to 1 Ton trucks. The 28V Series ensures plowers will make more money with its increased efficiency.
 This V plow is quicker, more responsive, easier to manipulate in tight conditions and scoops up to four yards of snow in one pass. Plus, Sno-Way's Down Pressure System privides more direct cutting edge pressure than any plow in its class.

  •  Twin Pivot Tower - Strongest design & rolls snow effectively
  • Blade Trips In Scoop or V Position - Safer for truck and driver if obstacle is hit
  • Independent Wing Shock Protection - Reduces damage potential by relieving shock fforces
  • 10 Degree Tilt Tower - Follows surface contour changes
  • Triple Snow Roll - Three rolling contours move more snow