Sno-Way International - Efficient Plow Blade Design


ldeally, you would like to "roll" snow off the moldboard as quickly and cleanly as possible with the least amount of energy.

This saves considerable wear and tear on both plowing equipment and vehicles. This is energy efficient snow plowing.

Sno-Way, unlike some other manufacturers, has chosen a tighter moldboard radius designed to "curl" off the snow in a highly efficient "rolling action" designed to maximize snow removal and minimize equipment and vehicle stress.

A number of other manufacturers, rely upon blade height and the ''push" effect to accomplish snow removal. Snow fall amounts, plowing speeds and the moisture content of snow are all significant factors in removing snow quickly and efficiently.

The SNO-WAY moldboard is a proven design taking all of these factors into consideration. The Sno-Way moldboard with its tighter radius and slightly lower profile will move just as much snow as a taller moldboard with a primary pushing action.